Janna Nersesov
Mortgage Analyst
NMLS ID # 2304220
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Becoming a homeowner is one of the most exciting times for most people in their lifetime, as well as the largest financial transaction they undertake. As a Mortgage Analyst, my goal is to show families a better path to financial security and wealth.
Whether you're looking to refinance your current mortgage or purchase your dream home, I will take all of the time necessary to learn about you and help you identify your financial needs and goals, and then develop a customized program to exceed them.
I have three beautiful children who are the reason I wake up every morning and smile. Everything I do is dedicated to them. Outside of the office, I enjoy baking, painting and dancing.
"HOME is where LOVE resides, MEMORIES are created, friends are always WELCOME, and family is FOREVER"


If you are considering buying a home we highly recommend Janna. She is amazing. Every step was clear and on time. We actually closed 7 days before the initial closing date. Highly recommend Janna.
Sergiy K. - Ohio
Janna, thank you so much! You are absolutely a professional specialist in mortgage business.
Roman G. - Ohio
This was our first house. We were denied by another lender and feared to lose the house, but my agent referred us to Janna Nersesov and we are very grateful. Wanted to thank Janna for helping us to buy our first home. She is very knowledgeable and always available, evenings or weekends. Thank you, we love our new home.
Khusan K. - Ohio
Thank you. My realtor referred me to Janna Nersesov and I am so thankful. I bought my first home because of Janna. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is the best; I will recommend her to my friend.
Bobur N. - Ohio
We worked with Janna Nersesov. She’s wonderful at her job. Very patient and great to work with. I highly recommend her. She is amazing at her job.
Ismoil A. - Ohio
I built my house and the bank refused my loan at the end of the process. My realtor referred me to Janna. Thank you, Janna and her team for making it possible to buy my first house for my family. We are happy and will refer my friends to Janna.
Askar B. - Ohio
This review fully reflects our satisfaction with Janna. Her professionalism, patience and friendly attitude made the process of buying a home in the United States much more comfortable and understandable for us. She was able to dispel our doubts, which gave us confidence that our dream home was a reality. Initially, we had no idea how it would be possible to realize our dream. However, from our first conversation with Janna, we began to realize that it was not only possible, but much closer than we thought. Janna clearly and patiently explained to us about our options for a home loan and answered the endless questions we had. Janna's professional and friendly attitude made the home buying process much more comfortable and understandable for us. Her clear and precise instructions helped us through each step of the process without any hassle. We also appreciated her quick response to our inquiries. Her professionalism and ability to work efficiently helped us to get approved loan approval and all the necessary documents quickly and without unnecessary complications. After we found our house, Janna and her team promptly handled all the necessary paperwork and within a month we became the happy owners of our own home. Janna is a true professional, and we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. We recommend Janna as a mortgage analyst to anyone who dreams of buying a home in the USA. Once again, many thanks to Janna for her diligence, professionalism and attention to our needs. We were very pleased with the results of her work and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Marina K. - Ohio
Amazing lender! Very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you again.
Tatiana V. - Ohio
Many thanks to Reliance First Capital and especially to Janna Nersesov. Janna is very knowledgeable and professional. She helped at every step of the loan process, answered all our questions, and gave useful advice. It was a great experience, and I will recommend Janna to all our friends.
Olga P. - Ohio
It was a long process to buy my home, but it all happened and I am very thankful to my loan officer Janna and her team. I was referred to Janna Nersesov to buy my house, by my friend who also bought his first home through her. She is very knowledgeable and patient. The process was frustrating, but Janna took all my stress out and we closed last week. Now I live close to my parents to give them the care they need. Thank you.
Julio M. - Ohio
Janna was our Mortgage Analyst. Because of her we bought our first house. Very thankful. I believe there should be more loan officers like Janna.
Petro M. - Ohio
Janna helped me to buy my very first home. The experience was amazing. She was wonderful to work with and educated me throughout the process. I’m thankful.
Iaroslav L. - Ohio
I trusted my first house to Janna. She is the BEST. so knowledgeable and patient to explain all details. It’s a stressful process but Janna made it so easy. I definitely recommend Janna as a loan officer. She is a great person.
Sadik T. - Ohio
Janna is the best I’m glad I worked with her.
Ibrokhimbek K. - Ohio
Janna is an exceptional Mortgage Analyst! This was my first house and I am thankful that my realtor introduced me to Janna. She took the time to understand her customer needs and worked super hard to deliver results. It was not an easy purchase transaction, but we are homeowners only because of the professionalism and passion that Janna has towards her clients. I will strongly recommend Janna to all my friends. I had the best experience with Reliance First Capital, especially Janna, she helps us a lot beyond her job. Thanks a lot, we have a house now thanks to you! Janna worked very hard to close this loan. Thank you.
Khotam and Farruh S. - Ohio
Janna is a perfect professional. She was available even on Saturday. I very much appreciate her work.
Libi F. - Ohio
I did several transactions at once and everything went well because I received great support and timely responses from Janna Nersesov. Thank you and I will recommend your company to anyone looking for a professional service.
Michael A. - Ohio
Jana Nersesov and her team helped us out a whole lot. She went above and beyond and she also went out of her way to help me, my wife and our kids out. Thank you again Jana Nersesov
Michael L. - Ohio
Janna Nersesov was great to work with. She quickly answered all my questions and helped us to have a smooth transaction!!
Val J. - Ohio
Janna Nersesov is a great professional who went above and beyond to help us. She made necessary phone calls to expedite the process and explained thoroughly what needed to be done to meet all the requirements. The entire experience with the company was positive, and we do business with them again.
Kristina S. - Ohio
My dream to buy a house came true working with Janna Nersesov! The entire mortgage process took two weeks only with good deal for us! Highly recommend her! Fast, professional and always ready to answer for millions of questions.
Elena A. - Ohio
Janna Nersesov helped us to get our first house and I'm grateful that we met her she knows what she's doing! Very professional and responsive staff I highly recommend Reliance First Capital.
Marc M. - Ohio
I am so grateful to Janna Nersesov she is very helpful and also nice she was always responsive I will recommend my friend and family to her.
Patricia K. - Ohio
The mortgage process was easier than I thought it would be. I am new to this and Janna Nersesov was so friendly and very patient with all my questions about my refinance loan. She was not pushy and answered all my questions in a way that I (a non finance person) would understand. I highly recommend using Reliance for any mortgage or refinance needs.
Robyn R. - Ohio
James walked me through the mortgage process COMPLETELY...zero surprises.
Ronald R. - New York
Janna followed every step required for me and with me through phone calls and emails.
Allen P. - Connecticut
With many phone conversations and computer help, walking thru each phase with Janna Nersesov, she has done an outstanding job helping me and explaining to me what had to be done and helping me understand the parts using the computer which was a great help. She made things sound more simple and user friendly. Thank you for all your help.
Allen P. - Connecticut